Versatile Test & Measurement Solutions for the Modern Utility

intereng Group | the international engineering company



Manufacturing advanced high voltage test and measurement equipment

Systems Integration

Design and implementation of complex test systems

Project Management

Project management, procurement and services for measurement equipment

Serving more than 1.000 clients worldwide


Operating three business units with distinctive competencies

intereng | Technology

Designing cutting edge systems for detecting faults in underground power networks

intereng | Solutions

Provides customised mobile & stationary solutions for multiple test applications

intereng | Projects

Supplying various test equipment & parts for electrical, water, oil & gas and IT infrastructures


Our headquarters near Dresden-Germany

About Us

intereng Group designs and offers comprehensive solutions, products and project management for critical infrastructures. The prime focus are energy related networks and assets. intereng Group combines three companies that were originally formed in 1990 and reorganised later. The companies are based in Germany near the city of Dresden.

The history dates back to 1990 when the founders started out as an engineering firm servicing the energy as well as oil & gas sector. Increasing demand and good commendations lead to a fast expansion of the business and the establishment of local offices in various countries

The company operates a worldwide sales and service agent network

The manufacturing resources are based in Germany and the company is audited regularly according to ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards

Certification and regular external auditing of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 standards

Year of Foundation
Worldwide Clients
Countries Served

Versatile Test & Measurement Solutions for Modern Utilities

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